Through the acquisition of a Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) grant, the Greater Lafourche Port Commission and BTNEP, with the assistance of many partners, constructed over 5,000 feet of ridge and adjacent marsh during two construction phases in 2005 and 2008.

Both phases were built utilizing sediment dredged from new slips created for the expansion of the adjacent Port Fourchon facility that services thousands of petroleum and gas production rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Sediment from the cutter head dredge was pumped through a pipe as a slurry to a containment area in the project area approximately 1 to 2 miles away. After allowing time for dewatering, the sediments were removed from the northern and southern edges of the project footprint down to +1.6 feet to create a marsh platform of approximately 100 feet on either side of the ridge. The removed material was pushed up onto the middle area to create an 8-foot high ridge.

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